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Busy week with shows\events the next two week
If you are going to any of these events let's meet up for a drink!
PS: I was recently told I'm addicted to music. I'm fine with that addiction until some amazing women comes along then I'll have to split my addictions. I don't think I'll be as addicted to skiing this season since I only got the Rocky Mountain Supper Pass (Copper, Winter Park, 6 days at Steamboat).
Booked tickets to the Sunset Strip in LA

I found out today that Smashing Pumpkins is doing a small tour, when I check on dates I couldn’t make the locations I would want to goto since my cross CO riding trip is during this same period (2nd week of July); didn’t check the dates in FL since I don’t have any friends there.  While looking into this I found out about the Sunset Strip Music Festival in LA 8/26 – 8/28, which Pumpkins is headlining on Sat night.  Thursday is a tribute show to Slash (from G&R) and Friday are a bunch of shows at different venues, the line-up hasn’t been announced yet.  Last year’s lineup included 50+ performances by Ozzy Osbourne, Ace Frehley, Talib Kweli, Glay, B Real, The Donnas, Shiny Toy Guns, Korn, Unwritten Law, Fishbone, Pepper, Kottonmouth Kings and many, many more.  Facebook Event Page for Sunset Strip Music Festival


I pinged a few friends I had in LA and they were interested in going.  So booked airfare to fly in Thursday afternoon and back Sunday night for $200 and got the VIP 3-day pass, required to guarantee you can get in Thursday & Friday nights into venues, for $250 but tickets Sat only at $50.  Hopefully I can crash with friends to save some money.  I think this will be the last “travel to” show for this year; already have two remote Roger Waters shows in November (Houston, Atlanta, and back in Denver).  There was a comment on the Pumpkins website or FB their page about a tentative stop in New Orleans; if they do a show there I’ll fly to NOLA for it!  Was bummed I couldn’t make the Crossroads Guitar Festival, which is this weekend, so wanted to do one more fun travel to show.


I also dropped the 2003 & 2008 WR450 dirt bikes off at friends to re-adjust front end, swap chain & sprockets, move steering stabilizer, and adjust auto-clutch override cable.  He is only charging $40/hr verse local shop rate of $75/hr.  If I can get things done for under $50/hr pay someone else so I have more time for fun.

Weekend of water and music

Had a great weekend, went white water rafting (class III - IV) and to see Robert Cray.

Saturday I went with a singles group rafting down Clear Creek with Clear Creek Rafting.  It’s been a very wet spring, at least for CO, and the water is much higher than normal.  There were 52 people in the group, most turned out to be in their 40s, a few in their 50s, and a couple I think were 60 something.  I was pretty surprised by this since there are many younger members and I figured rating would bring more of them.  Out of the seven boats, two flipped and out of the ~16 swimmers two of them ended up falling out a second time.  Two people lost their shoes, and had to get out of the water at the next spot possible, and I think a couple of others called it quits early.  I think about 10 or so people in the group had been rafting before, so lots of beginners.  But a fun time was had by all, including those who ended up falling into the water twice.  The trip was a bit over 1.5 hours and there were maybe 4 class "IV" rapids, one of which flip the two boats.  Our boat didn't flip or lose a passenger and we rescue one swimmer.  Pics are posted here.

Sunday night I went to see Robert Cray with The Delta Sonics at the Boulder Theater.  I’m glad I got their early and saw The Delta Sonics.  Their lead singer/harmonica player, Al Chesis was smoking hot.  Later in the set the 7yr old son of the guitarist, Erik Boa, came on stage and he awed the crowd with his virtuous harmonica playing also.  The band is from Boulder and play around there, Longmont, Denver, and other places quite often.  I will be going to see them again.

I took a break between the sets and grabbed a quick bite to eat at George’s (which is part of the Boulder Theater) and got back out to get a center spot right at the stage.  The only disappointment in the night was how few people were there to see the opening act and missed a great band. 

Robert and his keyboard players were on fire tonight.  This was probably the #1 or #2 show I have seen on him, of the five times I’ve seen him now.  If you haven’t seen Robert Cray before and you love blues and/or great guitarist you MUST see him.  Robert is probably one of top 10 guitar players alive currently and put on a great show!

I fly to Raleigh, NC on 7/22 to see Robert Cray, w/ Shemekia Copeland, in Cary the next day for my 6th time seeing Robert.

My first batch of self brewed beer turned out great!
5/24/08 - 1st brew
This brew was modeled after Celis White, which is a wheat beer with Curacao orange peel and coriander, and is brewed from a unique recipe first brewed in Belgium in 1453.  Here's a scan of the receipt.
The process required keeping it in the primary fermenter for a week, then transfer to the secondary (leaving the debris in the bottom) for 3 more weeks, finally it went to bottles for 3 weeks.  On 7/18 I moved the bottles into the frig and on the 19th I had my first taste!
The brew came out great, and it's not just me I have several of my beer drinking neighbors come and ask me for more.  I left a six pack across the street at Rich & Shelly's (the neighborhood hang out).
So my attempt had a good summer white\wheat came out great and just in time for our 90-100 degree weather!
My next brew will probably be a something modeled after an Abita Amber
Diablo 3 Announced!
Blizzard announced they are officially working on Diablo 3 on 6/30. has a full preview write-up on it here.
I have several friends who I know might mis (well not really miss) some work when D3 comes out :)  I also see our guild on DDO not having many members on the first few weeks after D3 comes out also.
I lived in Atlanta when D1 & D2 came out and my friends and I spent MANY days\weeks playing these games.  The random dungeon generation was and still is one of the best features of any dungeon crawl type game.  Then their were the unique items, cools classes, and graphic affects (for the time).  The multi-player, which D3 will support, on Battle.Net was great also.  D3 will use a true 3D engine, Havok physics engine, and will support also. 
I'm betting the game engine will be the same one being used for StarCraft II, another game that will cause some loss of work and sleep!
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Paris Hilton, George W. Bush 17th Lv politician, Ron Paul 23rd Lv Wizard, etc check out for more
Gary Gygax, 7/27/1938 – 3/4/2008, RIP

Gary Gygax, "creator of D&D" died last Tuesday, I just found out today L

I owe MANY MANY hours of great times playing D&D to Gary. Gary & Dave Arneson created D&D in the early 70s and Gary and Don Kaye later formed TSR in 1973. Myself and many of my friends will mourn his loss.


I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else.[4]


Thanks Gary, I will remember you this way and I'm very glad you shared your knowledge.

From Wikipedia:

Gygax died the morning of March 4, 2008, at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.[10] He was in semi-retirement,[4] having almost suffered a heart attack after receiving incorrect medication[6] to prevent further strokes after those on April 1 and May 4, 2004. He was diagnosed with an inoperable abdominal aortic aneurysm. Even while his health failed, gaming remained very much a part of his life.[6] Gygax was still active in the gaming community and had active Q & A forums on gaming websites such as Dragonsfoot and EN World.

In the news:


Of Mice and Men

Chrissy and I went to see a play for the first time, at least together, at the Arvada Center. The play, Of Mice and Men, was excellent! This definitely will not be the last play we will see. All though it was more expense, $42/ticket, than a movie we both enjoyed it a lot more and I think we found a great new "date night" event. We also had front row seats, but ended up moving back a row since we were getting a crick in our necks looking up J For a full review of this show seen the, which gave it 3.5 starts out of 4. The performance was so moving it almost brought Chrissy and I to tears multiple times. The actor playing Lennie, Patrick Brennan, was outstanding as was Louis Schaefer, who played Candy. I highly recommend those of you in the Denver area to try to go see this play while it's still here. I believe the last performances are on 2/28, 3/4, and 3/6.

Other reviews:,