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The Music and Bands of 2011
This Spotify playlist [Izzy's Bands of 2011] contains two songs from each band and each time I saw them in 2011. Out of 100+ bands it's only missing about 5. Spotify kicks ass.

For a list of shows and the rating I gave them for 2011 see:
Stats for 2011:
275 Tracks in this play list
155 "Shows" aka acts\performances
136 Band
71 Concerts
42 shows got a KICK ASS rating in 2011
19 Hours of music in this play list
4 Primus seen in 2011
3 Social Distortion, Galactic, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, JJ Grey & Mofro, & Warren Haynes seen in 2011
Sunset Strip Music Festival 2011

This was the 2nd year I went to Hollywood for the SSMF ( | @SSMF). I went last year because Smashing Pumpkins was headlining, in addition Slash was the honoree (see last year’s post). I had such a great time both at the festival, on the strip, and even shopping on Melrose Ave I figured I would go back in 2011.


This year the honoree was Mötley Crüe, I was never a big Crue fan so I was mainly going again this year for the great experience of finding out and seeing new bands. This year my new tool to find out about the bands was Spotify. About half the bands I looked up were in Spotify, which makes sense since most of the bands haven’t been signed yet. So I had to use MySpace and Facebook to look up the others. Like last year I made a short list of bands I wanted to see Friday and Saturday night.


Thursday evening I got to the Mötley Crüe honoree ceremony about 7PM and again enjoying the perks of the VIP pass and the venue. The major of West Hollywood spoke first, then another person I believe, then Ray Manzarek (co-founder and keyboard player for the doors | Wikipedia | pics | video) came out and spoke about the Crue for a bit and played a few songs. Next up was a hard core roast of  Crue by Dane Cook (comedian | Wikipedia | pics | video), after Dane David Johansen (lead singer from New York Dolls | Wikipedia | pics) spoke about times gone by with Crue then Crue came out to accept their reward (Crue accepting their reward). Beforehand I got some great pics of Vince & Tommy on red carpet (pics | video), I missed Nikki Sixx and saw him when I was on the 3rd floor balcony of the HoB (pic).


Friday AM I did some work then headed out for lunch and shopping on Melrose Ave. I visited Shrine Underground Fashions and Forgotten Saints again and several other stores. I ended up getting a pair of designer blue jeans ($180), shirt ($160), boots ($160), and a few other items for a total of $800. Which is WAY more than I’ve ever spent per item in one day, well maybe except for last year when I bought a $300 cloak at Shrine J


Friday night I went to the Whisky to see Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger, with some other members, who were doing a total Doors evening. This is was a VERY special event since the Doors got started in LA and were the house band for the Whisky in the mid\late sixties. Unfortunately the show was oversold and those VIP member who didn’t also purchase a ticket, like me, had to wait outside to see if they would have room. I got in line about 8:30 and the Door “re-union” band went on at 10PM and I was still outside with no hope of getting in so I left very disappointed. I ended up going to the Viper and saw Purple Mellon and another band there, but forgot to tweed or comment on foursquare the 2nd band name. Afterwards I walked the strip a bit more a went into the Rainbow  Key Club but didn’t stay.


Saturday I did more work in the AM and got to the festival around 1PM. Like last year I would go into one club and as soon as that band was done, or if I didn’t care for them much, I would goto the next club. I spent most of my time the Whisky and Roxy since they cater to rock\metal bands. Before 6PM I headed back outside for Bush and was able to get pretty close (pics | video) and they put on a great set. I then went back to Whisky for another metal band and a drink and got back out about 8PM for Mötley Crüe. It was much more crowded then, but I was still able to get fairly close. By this time it was dark and none of my pictures came out good, but did get some good video, except for audio. Tommy Lee’s drum coaster to dubstep | with deadmau5 (Tommy is going to be at the deadmau5 show Tuesday 8/30 @ Red Rocks also). After Crue I went back club hopping until about 2AM. Sunday I worked in the AM and then James’ wife Krista came and picked me up and the three of us had lunch and I worked a bit more from their house before I headed back home to CO.


I will be back again in 2012. I now have four (Bonnaroo, Voodoo, Telluride Blues & Brews, & SSMF) on my must do list for each year.


My Pics & Videos

Bands I saw:


Break out band for SSMF 2011: Queen Caveat! Lauren is great on vocals, hot to look at, and the whole band has a great sound and energy. They are from LA and have one EP out "Emptor." FB Page | @QueenCaveat | MySpace |  "Oh No" acoustically |  "Let It Fall" - SSMF 2011 @ The Roxy


Other people’s pictures:

Black Vinyl | Queen Caveat | Dirty Heads | Warner Drive |Matt & Kim | Bush | Motley Crue | Crue / deadmau5 | Facebook’s SSMF | Flickr “SSMF” search | LA Weekly


Reviews: Ellen Wood | M&C on deadmau5 @ SSMF | LA Weekly on Crue


SSMF 2010 Blog post

The Warren Haynes Band night one

Last night was the 1st of two nights of The Warren Haynes Band, from Warren is known from the Gov't Mule and Allman Brothers bands, at the Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO.


It was a smoking show and went on for three and half hours


The current line-up includes New Orleans R&B kingpins: bass legend George Porter, Jr. of the Meters, keyboardist-singer Ivan Neville and drummer Raymond Webber, pianist Ian McLagan, folk-blues sensation Ruthie Foster, and tenor saxist Ron Holloway.


1st Set list | 2nd setlist | My pics & video clips here:


Great reviews and more pics:


Warren Hayne Web page:

Help vote\support me so I might win a chance to get a press pass to Soundgarden show

Soundgarden is coming to Red Rocks 7/18/2011 and they have a contest going that will allow one winner in each city to get a press pass to be a fan photographer.


So click this link: and sign in with Facebook and then click Support to help my chances


FB invite for this show:

Roger Waters – The Wall Tour

First off I’m WAY behind on blog post, I saw over 30 concerts and 114 “shows” this year but I couldn’t wait to post about the AMAZING, PHENOMENAL, EXTRAORDINARY, etc Roger Waters - The Wall show\tour.


My tour started on 11/17 when I flew into Atlanta and met up with several of my great friends at the Euclid Ave Yacht Club in Little 5 Points in ATL.  I had asked my friend in ATL if they were big Roger\Pink Floyd fans but none of them really were.  Since I’m not dating anyone, as I had hoped when I got the ticket the day they went on pre-pre-sale, I ended up selling my extra ticket on Stubhub (broken even on the $225 ticket).  My seat at this show at Philip Arena was on the floor just to the right of the sound board, so the sound was GREAT.  But it was hard to see the entire stage, mainly Roger & band (The Wall 30’ high so I could see most of it).  In addition people stood up the whole time, which I didn’t mind, but many were constantly holding up cell phones which just take crappy pictures in the dark and just annoy people.  But this first show of the tour, for me, was more than I expected and has to be the most elaborate concert production ever!


The show started with The Wall about 40% complete, with the center section not built up, and ¼ of the venue block off by The Wall.  Like the original tour in ‘79/’80 (which I was too young to see) The Wall was built up over the course of the show.  The entire The Wall album was played, with some key changes to a couple of them.  The political message and video footage was also changed up. A good portion of the original animation footage, in the movie, was used with computer rending of additional animation on The Wall.  Roger had custom ultra-high definition projectors made for this tour since he couldn’t find any that met his requirements off the shelf and they, a total of 15, were breathtaking on their quality and effects!  As the blocks of The Wall were put in place they would light up as the worker (dressed in black behind the wall with scissor lifts and scaffolding visible just a bit here & there) set them in place, it was a very cool effect.  Openings were left in The Wall so you could see the drummer (Graham Broad), guitar players (Snowy White, who has been with Roger\Floyd since ‘79 & Dave Kilminster) and Robbie Wyckoff doing vocals for David Gilmour’s parts during most of the show (see this clip near the end).  The singers and guitar players also appeared on top of the Wall with Roger and backup singers in front of The Wall during a few songs. At the Denver show I was able to bring my camera in and recorded most of the show.  The highlights, recording wise, being Mother part 1 & part 2, Goodbye Blue Skies,  Empty Spaces w/ the sexualized flowers, Nobody Home (I was zoomed in on “room” that folded down from The Wall with Roger sitting in a chair, similar to the move), and finally Comfortable Numb which is a MUST SEE video and I have the entire song recorded. Once The Wall was fully built there was an intermission after Goodbye Cruel World.  After the intermission the show continued with the climax being The Trial, during which The Wall was knocked down!


After the show in ATL on Thursday I flew to Houston, TX, where my brother lives.  My brother, two of his friends, and myself went to the show there at the Toyota Center.  We had tickets in section 114 (1st section off the floor) directly facing the stage.  These tickets were much better, and only $120, since you could see the whole production.  The show was also amazing in Houston. Saturday and Sunday during the day I had met up with some old friends and took my brothers 847HP ’91 Toyota Supra out for high speed driving and drifting.  It’s hard to put into words the amount of power this car has.  My brother, who is a master mechanic at Bentley, has been working on it over year.  I think he said he has over $30K in this car, but he knows he will less than half that if he sells it.  He built it just to do it; so he now has an 847HP (on Q16 fuel) over 180 mph (fast as he’s been in it so far, but said it still had more) car.  At 100 MPH the rear end on this car still breaks loose if you floor it all the way.  This car is a pure adrenal rush!


Sunday I flew back to Denver for the show on Tuesday night at Pepsi Center.  I also had four tickets to this show, also 1st level up off the floor but 1st ROW center so these were the BEST seats in the house!!!  Again I couldn’t find any avid Roger\Floyd fans that could justify the price ($120) but was able to find two Facebook friends, and new in person friends now, who wanted them.  I gave the final ticket to my best friend Matt, who is also a major Floyd fan but broke.  Matt was our DD and the Denver show was also amazing.  Every time I looked around people just had this amazed stare on their face and mouths open in awe.  Since I was able to bring my camera in I got a lot of great footage.  Our seats were amazing since we were on the front row center, just off the left of the sound board below us, with only a railing to hold on it.  That railing got a lot of use, I remember at time feeling like a blast of air and fire hitting me and holding on while leaning way back.  This show will NEVER be topped and if you have a chance to see Roger on this tour YOU MUST GO!!!  The Wall will NEVER be done again and Roger has said this will probably be his last full tour.


See the entire show from my camera here


See these pages for two reviews from the Denver show and about the tour and more info:

Review of the show in Denver: (They used my video in this post)
Leaving tomorrow to see Roger Waters The Wall in 3 cities!
Heading out tomorrow to follow Roger Waters around on his next three tour dates.  Fly to Atlanta tomorrow for the show Thursday, then to Houston Friday for the show Sat, then back to Denver for the show on Tue.
I've seen Roger four other times and all four of these shows were amazing.  The 1999 & 2007 shows are in my top 10 shows of all time (out of 400+) so I'm REALLY looking foward to seeing him do The Wall!  It's going to be amazing for sure!!!
Video with footage from the show and interview with Roger
Interview with Roger

Saw deadmau5 last night at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver.  For those that don’t know who\what deadmau5 is (I didn’t until a couple of months ago):

Joel Thomas Zimmerman (born January 5, 1981), better known by his stage name Deadmau5 (stylized as deadmau5; pronounced "dead mouse"), is a Canadian progressive house and electro house producer based in Toronto, Ontario


This was a DJ\house\neo-trance show that started at 7PM DJ Sir Thomas, DJ Skirllex @ 9PM, and deadmau5 at 10:30.  When I got there, around 8PM, the venue was pretty empty and slowly filled in; by the time deadmau5 came on it was probably 70% full and might have been close to capacity by 11ish.  Skirllex was good and got the crowd going, I was hanging out in the balcony people watching, but the main act put on a major show!  The setup was a wall of LED and other nights with the center piece being a ~12’ cube pointed out into the crowd with the three sides made up of LEDs.  During his set deadmau5 would control the lights, video, etc on the wall and cube.  It’s hard to guess at the months of work it took to get the samples, colors, lights, videos, & graphics all programmed in and pull off such a great production.


By the time deadmau5 came on I had moved to the center of the floor, right in front of the sound board with the railing right behind me.  So I had one of the best sounding spots with a great view and nobody behind me, pretty hard to beat.  During the show there were 4-8 women dancing around me, I was dancing amongst, the night was good J.  The crowd was mostly in their late teens to early 20s, it was 16+ show, but there were plenty of people my age their also.  I was dressed all in black, industrial/goth look, and put in my demon contacts (all black iris with a red rink on the outside) just to freak people out some.  I stayed in this spot during the whole show, as did a few women that I shared some grooving time with.  Glad I went to the show, very different style of music then any others I’ve been to in a while and I get to see deadmau5 again later this month in New Orleans at Voodoo Music Festival.

Sunset Strip Music Festival 20110 – Day 1 & 2

Several months ago I heard Smashing Pumpkins was doing a small tour and when I check I was busy, didn’t want to goto the city where they were playing, or the show was sold out.  But then a few days later Billy posted on Facebook that Smashing Pumpkins were going to headline the Sunset Strip Music Festival (@SSMF | #SSMF).  I checked into the website and saw Slash was the honoree this year and over 50 bands preforming from Thur-Sat.  The day ticket for Saturday was $50, but this didn’t guarantee access into the Slash tribute Thursday night, other nights, in & out access on Saturday, and unlimited in & out to venues Friday night.  There was a 3 Day VIP pass for $250 that allowed this, plus access to 3 VIP lounges and a couple of other perks.  I figured what the hell; if I’m going to spend $200 on airfare and $500 on hotel I should go for the best option to see the music.  So I purchased the VIP pass, a room at the Ramada in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard, and airfare.  Out of the 50+ bands I only recognized about eight of the bands, so now I had a reason to listen to new music.


A few days before leaving for Hollywood I spent a couple of hours going to each band’s MySpace site (do individual still use this site?) to listen to their music and their website or Wikipedia to get more info.  Almost all of the bands at the SSMF were local bands I found out.  The main headliner was Smashing Pumpkins on Saturday night and Slash beforehand.  The setup was two outdoor stages about five blocks apart on Sunset Strip, which would be closed all day Saturday for the second time ever, and bands at five clubs (The Viper Room, Key Club, Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy, The Cat Club) all Friday night and from 1PM till close on Saturday.  I got through all of the bands playing Friday night and made a list of those I wanted to see and said I would get to the Saturday bands before Saturday.


Thursday I flew into LAX, on the way to the airport I called by friend James Walker (owner of Future Trends – Managed IT Provider\MSP in LA area) and he said he could pick me up. James have me a small tour of Beverly Hills (including the section of road in Less Than Zero, and many other movies), Hollywood, and swung buy the Roxy to get my VIP pass.  While near the Kodak Theater we got to see the filming of a Justin Timberlake a video on the way to my hotel.


The Slash honoree ceremony was scheduled to start at 8:15 PM with doors at 7PM, with The Head CatWikipedia (lead by Lemmy from Motörhead)  after the ceremony.  So I got there about 7 and checked out the entire House of Blues, this one being the 5th or 6th HoB I’ve been to now.  Like all of the others the décor, art, and feel were great; this one was one of my favorites actually.  I head downstairs around 8PM and got right to the front of the line with my VIP pass and found out they had free booze and hors d'oeuvres. First up was Michael Maglieri who I think used or does own\manage the Rainbow.  He told some stories about Slash (@Slash), including how he kicked him out of the Rainbow and Whiskey several times for getting in before he was old enough, punching out a window, and smoking weed in the bathrooms.  Jerry Cantrell (from Alice in Chains) was next, who said Slash was the hardest working person he knows in the business and must have cloned himself.  He was proud of Slash as a human, husband, and father.  He also mentioned that Alx threw away an AiC tape in early days without even listening to it when Jerry gave him it. Then a video with Ozzy, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Conan O’Brian, and others was played.  Next was Lemmy, who knew Slash since the 80s and told a story how Slash was with him when Lemmy “died before going on stage”, his heart stopped and had to be resuscitated (I would assume due to drugs).


Finally Slash came out, who I think is a pretty humble person and you could tell he was very appreciative to be recognized at the 3rd annual SSMF.  Then The Head Cat played, Lemmy sounded like Lemmy and I don’t recall it being bad or great, but I had a good buzz going at this point.  I did make a note that they played Suzy Q and Big Bad John, by Jonny Cash.  The place wasn’t that crowed and I had made a few friends in the crowed who I chatted and danced with.  Afterwards I headed to the Whiskey A Go Go, got in for free w/ VIP pass, and saw Beth Hart.  After three or four songs Slash came out and played the rest of the show with her.  The Whiskey, besides their overzealous security, is great venue.  The stage is in the corner of the main room to your right when you come in with a line of booths against the wall to your left and a bar straight ahead.  Above the booths and lower bar is a balcony with tables and chair seating and a bar; overlooking the floor and stage.  The venue holds a few 100 and had pretty good acoustics and is a great setup. Don’t recall where I went after that, but know I got back to the hotel after 3AM.


Friday I got up around 9AM and did some work till about 4PM, I left to get lunch and did some further research on bands and now had a set agenda for who I was going to see that night.  I had planned to start the night out at Whiskey A Go Go, but they weren’t letting VIPs in until 10:45PM for free and tickets were $25.  I didn’t feeling like paying anymore so headed out to the many different clubs music hopping.


The stand out bands for the weekend were: Smashing Pumpkins, Beth Hard, Warner Drive, Tucker Jameson & The Hot Mug, Slash, Pure Habit, Cashed Out, All Hail the Yeti, Neo Trees, Saint Motel, Shuvel, and Vayden. For a complete list see:


I stayed out till 3ish Friday and Saturday night. Saturday I went shopping on Melrose Ave and went by Shrine Underground Fashions and Forgotten Saints. Sunday I met up with James Walker and his wife and I went to his Peter’s house (his identical twin brother and my old roommate from Atlanta ’94-’96) for a cook out. I flew home around 6PM, had an outstanding weekend and will be back next year!


Here’s a good review:

Primus Sucks!!!

This was a solo show for me, I almost didn’t get a ticket since I had seen Primus a couple of times in the 90s and Les Claypool and his various bands since then.  I really like old Primus and didn’t care much for Les’ side projects.  Damn I am glad I made this show, Les FUCKING ROCKED  HE IS THE BASS GOD!


So the show started with Dead Kenny G’s, which I missed, I guess they went right on a 7PM and I got there about 7:40PM.  The 1st 1/3 and last 1/3 of Red Rocks was GA so I found a spot with some people on row 13 and waited for the next act to start.


Gogol Bordello came on at 8:22 and played till 9:36.  They were entertaining and sounded OK, except for the lead singer.  I couldn’t make out any of what he was singing, wasn’t sure if it was English or Yetish.  Most of the crowd was into them and was dancing and singing and enjoying it.  Maybe I just didn’t get it because I was there solo and the guys next to me were metal heads and only there to see Primus.  They made the statement multiple times how much Gogol sucked. 


Next was the main event PRIMUS (Primus Sucks!!!) with Jay Lane on drums, Larry "Ler" LaLonde and guitar, and of course Les Claypool on vocals & bass.  They came on stage at 10:12, played till 11:45, then took a break and did a single encore (~3 songs in one) from 11:48 – 11:57.  While I LOVE Red Rocks I wish this show was at a smaller venue since I know the crowd\pit would have been awesome.  I think everyone enjoyed the show but there is only some much dancing you can do in a 2’x3’ space.


Setlist  (from

1.      Pudding Time

2.      In The Flesh (Pink Floyd cover)

3.      Here Come the Bastards

4.      Behind My Camel (The Police cover)

5.      Groundhog's Day

6.      Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers

7.      Golden Boy

8.      American Life

9.      Big in Japan (Tom Waits cover) (with Gogol Bordello)

10.  Over The Falls

11.  Drum and Whamola Jam
Les came out with an ape mask on (original 84-90 name of Primus was Primate) and a one string bass contraption w/ a handle at the top that adjusted the tension on the single poor string.  Les then proceeded to beat the hell out of that string and with one string played better bass then

12.  Eleven

13.  Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

14.  Over the Electric Grapevine

15.  Harold Of The Rocks w/ Stairway to Heaven excerpt


16.  Tommy The Cat / The Awakening / tease in bridge

·         Les said he played The Awakening when he was 17 years old during lunch in his high school cafeteria.  He said it was the most awesome thing he had done up to that point and had a 17 year old hard on for the next week.  Old youtube video of him doing it.

Social Distortion Rocked

Wednesday was the Social Distortion show.  I had an extra ticket and traded it to “Tattoo” Adam, who owns Electric Tattoo in Longmont.  I’ve been meaning to get my current tattoo (amethyst/purple dragon) touched up and maybe some other work done.  Adam, who is a huge Social D fan and even has some of their lyrics tattoo on him, and I left Longmont and got to Boulder about 7PM. 


The first act was The Action Design, the female lead singer was attractive to look at, but her voice was piercing and a bit annoying, she also played keyboards a bit.  The bass player stood out from the rest of the band.  Didn’t care much for this band.  Next up was [The] Dan Sartain [Band].  They had a rockabilly sound and the singer sounded a bit like Brian Seltzer.  Enjoyed this band much more than the first, they also got the crow going a bit.


Finally was Social Distortion, Adam & I moved right down to stage left; there was only one person in front of us.  The place had really filled up by now (sold out) and we made our move right after Dan Sartain got off stage.  Since I’m not a big Social D fan I don’t recall what songs they played (pinged Adam on this point) and this show isn’t on, but I enjoyed the band and really enjoyed the pit.  The band didn’t have a crazy stage show, just the basics singer/guitarist (Mike Ness), 2nd guitarist (Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham), Bass (Brent Harding), and drums (David Hidalgo, Jr).  They had great energy, sounded good, and the crowd was into it.  After a few songs I moved into the pit, which has slowly been building.  Social D is more mellow punk but with enough energy that you have to move.  I stayed on the edge of the pit most of the time, by a couple of women who were very appreciative of me blocking most of the pit from the; they thanked me a few times.  When I did get into the pit it was all fun, no one was being violent or overly aggressive.  So much show that you could weightless float around the pit, just slowly start falling backwards and bouncing off whoever you fell into and going in the direction they pushed you next.  So the pit was mellow, when compared to any of the ones at Mayhem Fest, with a mix of slam dancing, solo dancing, and floaters.  The two women I was standing my would occasionally get in and grabbed my arm a couple of those times, so we went around the pit a few times together and apart.  At the end of the show I got the redhead’s number (I can’t resist those crazy redheads!).  The encore song was Ring of Fire.


Partial set list from Adam, not sure on order and missing some

1.      Prison Bound

2.      The Creeps

3.      Another State of Mind

4.      Reach for the Sky

5.      Making Believe

6.      Don’t Drag Me Down

7.      Under My Thumb

8.      Ball and Chain

9.      Ring of Fire

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